Therapeutic intervention at The FICUS Center focuses on helping families build and strengthen the interpersonal bonds that promote intention, healing, cohesion, and sustained wellness. Recall the adage, “You can’t see the forest for the trees?” At the FICUS Center, we help people see both the forest and the trees, to see themselves in relation to the larger system around them. While appreciating the unique experience of the individual, the dynamics of the family and their connections within the community, we seek to restore a foundation of respect, acceptance and loving kindness in which the family can grow to their greatest potential.

The FICUS Center is a collaboration of independent clinicians who share a strong vision and philosophy of healing and wellness. We have separate professional practices and maintain confidential, secure clinical records. No personal identifying information will ever be shared with anyone without your stated and written consent.

Feel free to contact us for more information, for consultation, or to schedule an appointment.

Payment is accepted by private/self-pay, health insurance, and Community Service funds.

Many thanks for your interest, I wish you peace ~ Debra